Meeting with Folke Bernadotte

In 1947, Folke Bernadotte published a book with the title “People I have met”. The book is of a very personal nature and is a collection of short stories about a number of people Folke Bernadotte came to meet during the closing stages of the Second World War, as well as a short time afterwards. We have taken inspiration from his book, and for this exhibition we wanted to add more stories by and about people he came to meet one way or another. Through these stories by and about the people whose direct or indirect participation in humanitarian efforts led to them meeting Folke Bernadotte, we hope this exhibition will help us create a broader understanding of Folke Bernadotte and his efforts.

The visual material in the exhibition is taken from the Peace Archives’ own digital collections as well as other digital archives around Sweden and the rest of the world. The texts are mainly based on the participants’ own accounts that are available either in the digital archive material or in their own books.

In addition to the personal accounts, there are two further historical chronological descriptions of the White Buses’ mission and the United Nations’ involvement in Palestine.